Su Nichel is a collective of 5 people brought together by a shared motivation: making music through purposeful imagination and child-like wonder.

Born as an initiative by Dean Montanaro and Andrea Carta, the band has forged a dynamic which is unmistakably its own in its eclecticism and storytelling, drawing as much from jazz and rock as from ethnic and folk lineage. A performance by Su Nichel might start with an entrancing 12/8 mantra reminiscent of the Aka pygmies, then blast off into a hectic, Petter Eldh-type groove with screeching horns, and maybe culminate into the warm embrace of an old children’s lullaby where all the members play various flutes.

Logo of Su Nichel with coloured faces

Since their foundation in 2021, Su Nichel have performed at the Breda Jazz Festival and in the 2021 and 2023 editions of North Sea Round Town, while in 2022 they were semifinalists for the prestigious KvE Awards. In April 2024, Su Nichel will launch their debut album entitled ‘Deeds of a Rascal’ which captures the spirit of how, back in 2021, they collaborated together in spectacular comic fashion to deal with a common stressor and emerge victorious. They are currently busy writing for their next album and touring in summer of 2024.

Su Nichel with Dean Montanaro, Miran Noh, Paul Van de Calseijde, Andrea Carta and Cosimo Gentili from the left on white background
Group image of Su Nichel on the live stage at the end of a concert
Cosimo Gentili and Paul Van De Calsijde playing saxophone live at a concert